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Pay monthly and enjoy a truly ad-free experience. Create encrypted boards, export cards to Trello, reduce distractions with card masking and restrict board access to verified members of your team.

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Covers a single team of any size.

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Prefer to pay annually? Get all the benefits of a monthly subscription including board encryption, Trello integration support, card masking and organisation access control for an entire year with 20% off.

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Covers a single team of any size.

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Board Encryption

When you enable this option, we encrypt the contents of all cards stored or modified with a password you provide. Only the encrypted content is stored on our servers, providing true anonymity for your business.

Full Access Control

Only allow access to registered users within your organisation. Whitelist a domain or just specific email addresses. You can even do the reverse, by blacklisting only the email addresses that shouldn't have access.

Card Masking


Prevent distractions and peer-to-peer influence by masking each others' cards until the end of your retrospective. We'll mask the content of other cards until you toggle the setting to unmask them.

Export to Trello


When you've finished your retrospective, export your most important cards – like your Action Items – to a board on Trello, providing your team with an easy way to keep track of the assigned action points for your next sprint.

Login Only Access

Require participants to be logged in to view your boards. We'll also display the author of each card and prevent participants, other than yourself, from deleting cards they didn't publish themselves.

Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy your retrospectives completely ad-free. And not just for you, but for anyone that views your boards, no matter where they are in the world. We'll also remove all ad-blocking notices.

  Free User Subscribed User
Create unlimited boards
Lock and delete boards
Merge duplicate cards
Share on Slack
Export cards to Trello
Enable board encryption
Mask cards during your retro
Show the author of each card
Enable board access control
Ad-free browsing experience

What will happen to encrypted boards if we cancel our subscription?

You'll still be able to access these boards (provided you enter the correct decryption password), but you won't be able to modify them until you re-subscribe.

What will happen to login or access restricted boards if we cancel our subscription?

They will become accessible to anyone with knowledge of the URL. If you later re-subscribe, any access restrictions that were in place on your boards during your last subscription will automatically re-apply. If you don't plan to re-subscribe, you can delete these boards to prevent others from accessing them.

What will happen to boards with masking enabled if we cancel our subscription?

All cards will become unmasked and the option to re-mask these cards will become unavailable. If you later re-subscribe, any boards that had masking enabled from your last subscription will automatically re-apply.

Do I need to contact you to cancel my subscription?

No, our cancellation process is fully automated. You'll have options for managing your subscription on this page.

Does the subscription automatically renew?

Yes, we'll automatically debit your card when it's time to renew your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you are paying for your subscription annually, we'll email you a week before your subscription is due for renewal.

I want to upgrade to a yearly subscription but I have time remaining on my monthly subscription.

You can do so at any time. We'll automatically calculate any credit we may owe you and charge you the difference.

I want to downgrade to a monthly subscription but I have time remaining on my yearly subscription.

Downgrades are immediate, so we'll convert anything we may owe you into account credit that will be used to pay for your monthly subscription until it runs out (your credit balance will be shown on the Payments tab). We will then automatically start charging your card for your subscription going forward. Alternatively, you can cancel your current subscription (so it won't automatically renew) and we'll email you when your current subscription is about to expire.

Will you be storing my credit/debit card details?

We only store the last four digits of your card and a transaction token from our payment provider, which is Stripe. Your card details are held securely by Stripe, who are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the highest form of certification available in the payments industry.

Why do I need to provide my postal/ZIP code?

Our payment provider uses this to protect us and others against fraudulent transactions. We don't store this information ourselves. It is important you use the same postal/ZIP code linked to your card otherwise your payment will be declined.

Can I purchase a subscription in my local currency?

We charge in US dollars. Most banks accept transactions in other currencies. Please note some banks charge a foreign transaction fee for debit payments in other currencies. This is usually between 2% and 3% of the total transaction amount after conversion into your local currency.

Do you charge VAT on subscriptions?

No, we do not currently charge VAT. When this changes, we will let you know so you can make arrangements to reclaim the VAT with your local tax authority if you are eligible to do so. Please note customers that reside outside the European Union (except the United Kingdom) are exempt from VAT charges.

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

All payments are final and we will only provide refunds or other remedies when we are required to do so by law. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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