About our ads

Let's get straight to it: we block ads just like you. We find it just as infuriating as you when we come across websites that display newsletter popups, ads that follow you around and everything else in between. We won't go into the reasons why websites choose to do this, but ultimately these choices result in a poor user experience. And we care about the user experience a lot.

Our platform is used by startups as well as many FTSE 100 companies. You might wonder why we don't make larger companies pay. Our reason is simple: we want our platform to be accessible to everyone and to help encourage the adoption of Agile methodology. Software engineering is an art; and developers are motivated to do their best work when they are surrounded by the best software, hardware and teams. This is what drives our work.

Today, Sprint Boards is made up from over 800 commits, 30 internal releases and many long nights. We put a massive effort into every detail in order to delight our users and leave teams feeling motivated to do their best work.

Running this service comes with many operational expenses and our sole source of revenue is through advertising. That's why we spent over six months considering which advertising partner to choose, what kind of ads would be acceptable to our users and where they should be placed so they never distract teams during a retrospective. During this period, we ran the service completely ad-free at our expense.

What ads we display.

We use Carbon to manage our ads. You may have already heard of them: they work exclusively with companies that offer products for web designers and developers. Many of the most widely respected companies in our industry advertise on Sprint Boards: including Slack, DigitalOcean and JetBrains. Carbon curates every ad we display and they are well aware we demand only relevant ads for our users.

We will let you decide.

It's up to you whether or not you want to whitelist us. We are not going to stop you from using our service if you choose not to; but if you find our retro tool useful, please consider whitelisting us or allow acceptable ads to help us cover our costs. Thank you.

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