Sprint Boards for Agile Developers

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We only support retros and to do lists at the moment, but more is coming.

A joy for retrospectives.

You work hard to deliver amazing software for your customers with a keen eye for the details. We've built our platform the same way. From the way cards stack to the way you edit them – it's all carefully considered to deliver a delightful user experience.

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Save time with shortcuts.

Whether you are a keyboard or mouse person, we've carefully considered the user experience to maximise your efficiency. We've created shortcuts for common tasks like adding, editing and saving cards.

  • Double-click a card to edit

Lock and delete boards.

When you've finished your retro, you can lock your board to prevent your team from making further changes. This is great for scrum masters that need to review past retros. Or you can just delete the board entirely.

Merge duplicate cards.

You might face a situation where several members of your team have added separate cards referring to the same task or issue. When this happens, you can drag the duplicate card over the original to merge them together.

Even better – you can still modify and delete merged cards, and of course unmerge them at any time.

Secure and anonymous.

Creating a board is secure and private, and we've designed our platform in such a way so it's impossible for us to identify you. If you don't post anything to identify your business, we don't know who you are. It's that simple.

We use StatCounter to understand how much traffic we receive, but we do this in a way that protects our users' privacy. We strip the last octet from each visitor IP address and prevent cookies from being set by StatCounter.

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